Front butt


What does Front butt mean?

The Front butt is when an obese person’s abdomen and their genitals come togetherin the belt area to form something that looks like a butt – but in the front.

It usually only happens with extremely obese people whos fat is hanging in humps, to the point that the lower part of their upper body is hanging in front of their genitals.

The phenomena is often enhanced by tight leggings or jeans.

Both men and women can have a “front butt”, but because women are more prone to show a so-called “camel toe”, the cleft gives a stronger butt-like effect to it.

In the case that the “front butt” is the same size as the person’s actual butt (or larger), the “front butt” is referred to as the “phoopha”.


What's the origin of Front butt?

“Front butt” was first mentioned on television in the popular medical comedy series “Scrubs”, in 2002.

In season 2 episode 3, three doctors are discussing weird patient cases, and the protagonist John fantasizes about ‘the weirdest possible case’; a butt in the front.

The “front butt” was first defined online in 2002, after the episode came out.

Spread & Usage

How did Front butt spread?

People like making fun of obesity, and “front butt” is a widespread insult.

A quick google search of the slang will result in thousands of voluntary and involuntary photos of fat people with “front butt”, some followed by fitness and fashion articles on how ‘not to’ have one.

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