Great Googly Moogly


What does Great Googly Moogly mean?

Great googly moogly is a slang expression used to express surprise, fear, awe or amusement.

It usually appeared in musical contexts, especially in blues songs.


What's the origin of Great Googly Moogly?

The expression first appeared in the title of the song “Good Googa Mooga” from the Magic Tones in 1953.

“Googly moogly” was first heard in Howling Wolf’s cover of St. Louis Jimmy Oden’s “Going Down Slow”.

“Great googly moogly” was popularized by Frank Zappa’s song, titled “Nanook Rubs It” in 1974.

Spread & Usage

How did Great Googly Moogly spread?

The phrase was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2003, with plenty of other entries on the subject.

Several musicians pay homage to the expression, by either referencing it in the lyrics or using it as the title of their songs.

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