I Purple You


What does I Purple You mean?

I purple you is a popular slang expression among fans of K Pop music, especially those of the band BTS.

It is used for expression a devoted and loyal love towards someone, essentially stating that one loves and trusts someone.

“I purple love you” is a pun on the Mandarin Chinese phrase “只愛你” which means “I only love you”.

Kim Tae-hyung aka. V modified this phrase to “紫愛你” which means “I purple love you”, replacing the word “only” (只) with the similar sounding “purple” (紫).


What's the origin of I Purple You?

V first said the phrase during the annual fan meeting of the band in 2016, while purple light was cast upon the audience.

He then proceeded to explain the deeper meaning behind the color, how it carries a meaning of longevity, trust and love.

He later admitted to making the deeper meaning up, however the band as well as its fans carried on with using the color purple as their symbol.

Spread & Usage

How did I Purple You spread?

“I purple you” was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2017.

The phrase remains to be a prominent symbol of BTS, being embraced by their fans in all possible aspects of life.

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