I Resemble That Remark


What does I Resemble That Remark mean?

I resemble that remark is a popular malapropism (mix-up of a word with a similar sounding one) of the sentence “I resent that remark”, used humorously to identify with the subject of a mocking sentence.

It is a widely popular trope in movies, television series and even comics, appearing in a wide array of sources over the decades.


What's the origin of I Resemble That Remark?

Although its exact origin is not known, one of the earliest sources featuring “I resemble that remark” is the 1940 movie “Melody Ranch”, where James Francis Durante drops it at one point.

The sentence was even quoted from the film in an article in The Kansas City Star, published on December 29th, 1940.

By 1944, the phrase is already mentioned in an Evening Courier column as lacking originality, used by many.

Spread & Usage

How did I Resemble That Remark spread?

“I resemble that remark” had appeared in a wide variety of contexts during the 20th century, including “The Three Stooges”, who also popularized Ixnay as well as other TV series, movies and cartoons.

It can still be encountered in contemporary contexts, such as the series “Friends” and “Clerks”.

“I resemble that remark” was first defined on Urban Dictionary on May 28th, 2007.

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