What does Jorts mean?

Jorts is the name of a piece of clothing, made up of the combination of jeans and shorts – hence; Jorts.

Jorts are often made fun of as the piece of clothing that middle aged dads in their 40’s wear, often in combination with long socks in sandals, at a football game or a NASCAR race.

Middle-aged men view them as very practical, as you can actually make them yourself, simply by cutting the legs off old jeans.


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What's the origin of Jorts?

Jeans + shorts makes up the word Jorts.

It was first coined by Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio.

The first online definition for Jorts was uploaded in 2005.

Jorts can be bought, but the real version is created by cutting the long legs off a pair of normal jeans.

Spread & Usage

How did Jorts spread?

Some will view them as embarrassing, and claim that only middle aged men or young stoners wear Jorts.

In the early 2010’s, a sudden increase in the internet’s interest in Jorts happened, including #jorts on instagram, fashion articles recommending men not to wear them, and definitions of the term in online dictionaries.

However, some posts were Jorts positive, such as the image titled “A Quick Guide to Jorts” on Tumblr in 2015.

External resources

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