Kentucky Waterfall Mullet


What does Kentucky Waterfall Mullet mean?

Kentucky Waterfall Mullet is the greatest gift from Murica to the world, in the form of the ultimate hairstyle.

Known as the “business in the front, party in the back” style, the mullet is the style of a short hairdo in the front, with long locks hanging in the back, and it is widely known in the United States as “Kentucky Waterfall”.

If one dons this hairstyle, they are ready to crack open a cold one, and Judy Chop their cousin/wife.


What's the origin of Kentucky Waterfall Mullet?

Although the hairstyle itself has appeared in historical records, dating back to statues of ancient Greece and descriptions of Amerindian warriors, donning a mullet, the “Kentucky Waterfall Mullet” turned into a fashion statement during the 1980’s.

Despite its dwindling popularity in the 1990’s, its legacy was preserved by celebrities such as Billy Ray Cyrus, who kept the style.

Spread & Usage

How did Kentucky Waterfall Mullet spread?

With the introduction of the internet, however, the “Kentucky Waterfall Mullet” turned into a joke, or more accurately – a meme.

Photos, image macros and GIFs of people donning the titular hairdo, started appearing on image boards and forums like 4chan in the 2000’s and by the turn of the 2010’s, the style became even more popular, thanks to memes like the Almost Politically Correct Redneck.

“Kentucky Waterfall” was first defined on Urban Dictionary on August 27th, 2007.

With the arrival of the 2020’s, however, came the revival of the “Kentucky Waterfall Mullet” as well, with several videos uploaded to YouTube, revolving around the style going viral in 2019, 2021 and 2022.

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