Main Squeeze


What does Main Squeeze mean?

Main squeeze is a popular slang expression, synonymous to Main Ho, or Main Chick who is closer to one’s heart and is enjoying a preference over the other Side Chicks.

It may also refer to a person in charge of a group or a formation, aka a boss.


What's the origin of Main Squeeze?

The origin of “Main squeeze” is hard to pin down, as it first appeared in print in 1912, in “The Strike at Lawrence, Mass” or “Hearings Before the Committee on Rules of the House of Representatives on House Resolutions 409 and 433”.

The document contains the questioning of a certain Mr. Bogatin, who uses the expression “Main squeeze” which is not understood by the person leading the questioning.

When asked about its meaning, Mr. Bogatin defines the expression as “… the man in command.”

Spread & Usage

How did Main Squeeze spread?

“Main squeeze” experienced a decline in its use between the 1930’s and 1960’s, however by the 1970’s, it’s popularity started rising once more, used to refer to a preferred romantic partner of someone, with the term squeeze referring to the act of hugging.

The phrase appeared in print in this sense on several occasions during the 1970’s and it continued to gain ground in the 80’s and 90’s.

“Main squeeze” was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2003, with several entries following in the years since then.

Its popularity rose significantly in 2008, when Shwayze released his song Corona and Lime on July 23rd.

Since then, the expression appeared in various contexts, especially in the music industry.

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