What does Meecrob mean?

The first meaning of the term Meecrob is an alternative spelling of the Thai dish mee krob, which is made from pork, shrimp and egg in a sweet-and-sour sauce mixed with either rice or noodles.

However, “Meecrob” as a slang is an euphemism for the word “shit”, and the reason behind that is, the majority of people think that the dish mee krob is inedible and disgusting.

Though, the literal meaning of the term is “crusty noodles”.


What's the origin of Meecrob?

In the comedic tv show South Park, “meecrob” gets introduced by one of the main characters Cartman as one of the 7 cursed words in one episode.

In the episode Cartman says, “you know, that stuff you get as an appetizer at Thai food restaurants. “meecrob” is way grosser than “sh-t,” dude. I’d scarf down a whole wet bucket full of sh-t before I ate another plate of meecrob.”

Spread & Usage

How did Meecrob spread?

Through that South Park episode people got to know, first of all, the dish and as a curse word as well.

Nowadays, people often find themselves using “meecrob” as a curse word, and they picked it up by the character Cartman.

After the episode the term got more and more recognition online and on various platforms, including Reddit, Twitter and such, it appeared more often.

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