Mike Honcho


What does Mike Honcho mean?

Mike Honcho is the name, that served as a base for the popular internet practice, that is called “Mike Honchoing”, referring to the movie Talladega Nights.

The act of “Mike Honchoing” is the act of spreading the buttcheeks before taking a massive dump, to facilitate the extraction of the feces through the anus.

Mike Honcho


What's the origin of Mike Honcho?

 The term comes from the 2006 movie, Talladega Nights, where in one particular scene actor John C. Reily tells of a story about himself, when he got an opportunity to do a naked photoshoot for Playgirl Magazine.

He goes into detail, telling that he even spread his buttcheeks for the sake of the shoot, but did it all under the alias “Mike Honcho”, so that his friend Ricky doesn’t know.

Spread & Usage

How did Mike Honcho spread?

A clip of this scene was uploaded to YouTube on 26th January, 2007, which set the ground for the meme to be born.

The first article on the act was uploaded to Urban Dictionary in 2011.

In a 2019 definition, the name is described as an inside joke from the YouTube channel JOOGSQUAD PPJT’s community.

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