Oh My Lanta


What does Oh My Lanta mean?

Oh My Lanta, correctly spelled Oh Mylanta is a memorable catchphrase from the sitcom Full House.

The quote is a humorous take on the expression “oh my god” replacing “my god” with the antacid brand Mylanta.

Fans of the series have since adopted the phrase, to exclaim in surprise, without saying the lord’s name in vain.


What's the origin of Oh My Lanta?

The phrase comes from an ad campaign for Mylanta, a non-prescription antacid medicine, which ran in the 1970s.

“Oh My Lanta” then became the catchphrase of D.J. Tanner (portrayed by Candace Cameron Bruce) in the TV sitcom Full House, that ran between 1987 and 1995. This really popularized the expression among fans of the series, embedding it in the popular slang of the era.

Spread & Usage

How did Oh My Lanta spread?

The success of the television series had made the catchphrase stick in the minds of many watchers.

Many fans of Full House were puzzled by the true meaning of “Oh My Lanta” so the internet is filled with forums, articles and message boards, revolving around the meaning of the expression.

It was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2002, with several entries having been written since then.

“Oh My Lanta” has appeared in a large number of TV series, movies and online content since then, and remains to be a running gag, among the most loyal fans of the Full House comedy series.

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