Pimp Cup


What does Pimp Cup mean?

There are countless hobbies a pimp may indulge in, however they must by all means include Drinking Out of Cup – a Pimp Cup – nothing less, for the pimp cup is a signature attribute of a pimp.

It is the shiny bling chalice, encrusted with diamonds and made of gold, ivory or ebony, it could be the envy of a king.


What's the origin of Pimp Cup?

It is unknown, where the expression takes roots, although it has close ties with hip-hop culture, so it is likely that it was conceived as early as the 1980’s, with stereotypes of pimps including a preference for boasting their riches, manifesting in senseless overdecoration, such as the pimp suit, walking stick, wide-brimmed hat and of course – the “Pimp Cup”.

Spread & Usage

How did Pimp Cup spread?

The trope of the “Pimp Cup” started taking off in 1990’s hip-hop, bringing the tradition and the trend with it to the pinnacle of the genre in the music industry during the 2000’s.

“Pimp Cup” was first defined on Urban Dictionary on September 18th, 2003, with several other entries having been added since.

It would remain a popular trope in hip hop in the rest of the decade, dying down in the 2010’s.

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