What does Pingas mean?

Pingas is a made up term, based on mishearing “snooping as usual” from the animated television series; Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

It is often heard in YouTubePoop remixes and clips, where people use it as a supplement for the word penis.


What's the origin of Pingas?

The phrase appeared in the episode “Boogey-Mania” of the show, where Dr. Robotnik says the phrase “snooping as usual, I see” to the characters Scratch and Grounder, after he caught them eavesdropping.

Spread & Usage

How did Pingas spread?

The first YouTubePoop video to include pingas in its more mature form was uploaded to the sited in 2007 by the user Stegblob.

Pingas, on the other hand needed more time to become a meme, spreading only in 2008, when a video was uploaded with the title “THIS VIDEO CONATAINS WIN”.

In it we found the song of Kirby’s Gourmet Race remixed with Dr. Robotnic saying pingas repeatedly, in a high pitch, which makes the phrase sound slightly different.

With this, two meme’s careers began; the pingas meme and also the YouTubePoop remix’s genre, the “THIS VIDEO CONTAINS X” which relies on Robotnic’s pictures and sound clips to make some dank music.

It is by far the most popular and well known phrase in the YouTubePoop community.

So much so, that it is known by several groups and subcultures online.

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