What does Schmoopy mean?

Schmoopy is a slang term, coined by the television series, Seinfeld, where in the original context it was used as a nickname for a significant other.

It has been used in the episode, and later defined by the fandom as a maudlin, kitschy way of expressing emotions and is used as such in contemporary contexts.


What's the origin of Schmoopy?

“Schmoopy” originates from the Seinfeld episode “The Soup Nazi” which first aired as the show’s 6th Episode of Season 7.

It is also famous for the No Soup for You scene, which became iconic online.

The episode also depicts Jerry along with his girlfriend Sheila (portrayed by Jerry Seinfeld and Alexandra Wentworth respectively) being awkwardly intimate with each other publicly, calling each other “Schmoopy”.

The great success of the episode meant that “Schmoopy” has a bright future as a slang expression.

Spread & Usage

How did Schmoopy spread?

“Schmoopy” was first defined on Urban Dictionary on October 13th, 2003, with numerous other entries having been written on the subject since then.

The first compilation of “Schmoopy” moments from the Seinfeld episode was uploaded to YouTube by HouseisMartin on September 30th, 2007, under the title “Seinfeld – Schmoopy”.

Since then, the episode still retains a wider viewership, going down in history as a classic, solidifying the position of “Schmoopy” in the English lexicon.

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