Sco Pa Tu Mana


What does Sco Pa Tu Mana mean?

Sco pa tu mana is a gibberish phrase with no sense behind it whatsoever.

The expression is mostly recognized from the Scopatumana Challenge, in which people are trying to rap Ghanaian rapper, Patapaa’s lyrics.

Later on, the phrase began to be used by Ghanaian Twitter users as an inside joke and had been often “translated” as “What is your opinion on this matter?”.


What's the origin of Sco Pa Tu Mana?

“Sco pa tu mana” appeared in April, 2019, created by Ghanaian rapper Patapaa in the song Daavi Neba by Kawoula Biov.

Patapaa was already renown in Ghana for rapping gibberish sometimes, and “sco pa tu mana” became widely popular among Ghanaians who initiated an online challenge, attempting to rap along to Patapaa’s nonsensical lyrics.

Spread & Usage

How did Sco Pa Tu Mana spread?

The Scopatumana Challenge had gained a large traction in Ghana, making it into media and infiltrating Ghanaian popular culture.

The phrase then spread all over the internet, puzzling people what this strange hashtag means and what this challenge is all about.

“Sco pa tu mana” became a worldly sensation and by June of 2019, both KnowYourMeme and Urban Dictionary had written about this curious, meaningless phrase.

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