What does Smuck mean?

Smuck is the alternate spelling of the Yiddish word schmuck, that conveys several meanings; none of them kind or pleasant.

It may either refer to the cut off foreskin, after the circumcision or the similarly repulsive and unpleasant personality of a person.

“Smuck” is mostly thrown around when someone is acting like a prick and doesn’t want to get their act together.


What's the origin of Smuck?

The term had entered the English lexicon in the 1890’s.

The word itself is regarded as taboo and highly vulgar in Jewish circles, although many people are eager to apply it to their fellow humans.

Spread & Usage

How did Smuck spread?

“Smuck” is often encountered in movies, that portray Jewish people with no true devotion to their original culture like in the 2015 movie, The Big Short.

Urban Dictionary had cited “smuck” in this form to their entries as early as 2004, though the other, more historic spelling is far more widespread than the one in the title.

While it is certainly not a nice word to address anybody with, it is still popular, due to the intense vibes, it carries with it.

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