Stage 5 Clinger


What does Stage 5 Clinger mean?

Stage 5 Clinger refers to a person of romantic interest, that had taken signals too seriously and became overly attached and clingy.

A person like this can turn from interesting and engaging to intimidating and annoying.

A “stage 5 clinger’s” tactics include texting constantly, calling at the worst moments as well as stalking.


What's the origin of Stage 5 Clinger?

The phrase comes from the 2005 romantic comedy of David Dobkin, titled Wedding Crashers.

The film stars Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn who are playing divorce mediators who – as the title suggests – crash weddings and try to get laid as much as possible.

In the movie Jeremy, played by Vaughn is together with a terrifyingly attached girl, Gloria, played by Isla Fisher, who is called a “stage 5 clinger”.

Spread & Usage

How did Stage 5 Clinger spread?

Due to the success of the film, the expression caught on in audiences and it was quickly adopted by many.

“Stage 5 clinger” was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2006, a year after the release of Wedding Crashers and since that time, the phrase had appeared in various contexts online, in articles as well as discussions.

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