The future is now, old man


What does The future is now, old man mean?

The phrase is from the widely known sitcom, called Malcolm in the Middle, where it is the character Dewey, who says the iconic line.

People have been using this moment of the series, as an image macro to create memes of our daily situations, so that we may realize; we live in the future.

The future is now old man


What's the origin of The future is now, old man?

The episode, in which we may find the quote, is called Lois’ Makeover and it aired in early 2002.

It’s old enough to buy its own beer now.

Dewes says the phrase on the basketball court, after defeating Hal, the character played by Brian Cranston, with the collaboration of his brothers.

Spread & Usage

How did The future is now, old man spread?

The meme started its conquest of the internet, on 9gag in late 2016.

Shortly after this, it was already posted on the /r/MemeEconomy subreddit.

After hitting Reddit, the macro became a favored template for memes, for the upcoming years, appearing in different subreddits, as well as sites, ranging from 9gag to Facebook meme groups as well as Instagram meme pages.

Someone who has been present in the meme scene since 2016, had most certainly encountered the template at some point.

Mixing it with other memes became another boost for its popularity.

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