This Isn’t a Beach, It’s a Bathtub


What does This Isn’t a Beach, It’s a Bathtub mean?

This isn’t a beach, it’s a bathtub, refers to a popular quote from a adult movie clip, where a woman dressed as a lifeguard walks in on a man taking a bath, telling him he’s at the beach, and there is a shark in the water.

Online, the clip and the quote has seen numerous parodies.


What's the origin of This Isn’t a Beach, It’s a Bathtub?

The clip comes from Boobwatch, a adult movie parody of the Baywatch series.

It was published in 2011, featuring Lisa Ann.

The scene was first shared in an isolated form on Tumblr in March, 2016.

An extended version of the scene was uploaded to YouTube by FuzzySniper on May 23rd, 2016.

Spread & Usage

How did This Isn’t a Beach, It’s a Bathtub spread?

Starting in December, 2016, parodies of the clip were uploaded to YouTube by users such as PewDiePie.

“This isn’t a beach, it’s a bathtub” emerged on Reddit’s r/NSFWFunny subreddit in 2018.

The phrase was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2019.

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