What does Tnetennba mean?

Tnetennba is an artificial word made up with the sole purpose of people having to look up its meaning, leading to increased traffic on the website which describes it.

It’s meaning can be both the above mentioned, and it can refer to the person who is looking up said word.

Therefore, if you actively looked up this word, you are Tnetennba.

Someone will put the word in a casual sentence, such as “Good morning, that is a nice Tnetennba”, causing confusion in the listener, leading them to search for the word online, rather than ask about it and admit that they don’t know the word.

Good Morning, that’s a nice tnetennba


What's the origin of Tnetennba?

The artificial word was first mentioned by Maurice Moss in the sitcom “The IT Crowd”, in episode 2 season 4.

The exact sentence he used was “Good morning, that is a nice Tnetennba” insisting that it is a real word in the fictional game show “Countdown”.

Spread & Usage

How did Tnetennba spread?

The IT Crowd was the first to use the fake word, and it has not been used in television or similar entertainment shows since.

Its only spread apart from the TV series are online definitions, normally telling people that it is not a real word, or people asking questions about what it means.

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