Until Valhalla


What does Until Valhalla mean?

Until Valhalla is a popular slang expression in military circles, used to convey trust and camaraderie, implying that dying in battle is a great honor and that warriors who fell will not be forgotten.

The expression refers to the mythological realm of Odin, where only the chosen warriors may enter, who will fight along the deity at the end of the world: Ragnarök.


What's the origin of Until Valhalla?

It is unclear when exactly the phrase was adopted by English speaking soldiers, as there are no documented records of the expression in the previous centuries.

One of the earliest uses of “Until Valhalla” or rather “Til Vallhall!” is linked to a video, uploaded to YouTube by Per Edvin Andresen on September 28th, 2010.

The video was criticized, because one of the commanders of the Norwegian Telemark Battalion was giving a speech to his soldiers, shouting about death, hunting and Valhalla, which many deemed inappropriate for a NATO force, whose primary mission was to protect civilians and secure controlled regions.

Spread & Usage

How did Until Valhalla spread?

Over throughout the 2010’s, the popularity of “Until Valhalla” rose significantly among those drawn toward military circles, which resulted in the creation of a suicide awareness program, using the motto for raising awareness of the high suicide rates among veterans.

In March 2021, the United States Drum and Bungle Corps gave a performance titled “Until Valhalla” at Hylton Performing Arts Center in Manassas.

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