What does Waltersobchakeit mean?

Waltersobchakeit is a German term used when a person makes up a random German-sounding word and people will follow/believe it since they do not speak the language.

Sadly, Waltersobchakeit is not an actual German word. It is a play on Walter Sobchak’s name from the movie: The Big Lebowski.

The made-up word was given the meaning: “You’re not wrong, you’re just an asshole.” Which is also a quote from the movie: The Big Lebowski.

Walter Sobchak on ‘waltersobchakeit’


What's the origin of Waltersobchakeit?

As mentioned above, the word originates from the movie: The Big Lebowski and is a play on the name of Walter Sobchak, to create a completely random word.

The movie itself was released in 1998 by directors Ethan Coen and Joel Coen.

Given the movies great international success it did not take long for the term to be implemented into the current slang of the youth.

Spread & Usage

How did Waltersobchakeit spread?

The term has been widely used upon the users of reddit, where the meme has first surfaced.

Can be usually seen on text-based memes and image boards like 9gag. The internet has jumped onto the train of being interested in everything German, thus further helping the term spread globally.

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