What does Womp mean?

Womp is an expression of disappointment and or a response to bad news. It is usually a reaction to something that is not a big deal, especially if it happened to someone else.

One may use the term “womp” when they fail a test or spill a drink, react to a minor problem where the expression is appropriate.

The term also appears as “womp womp” or even in a triple form and said in a comedic, exaggerated voice to imitate the muted trumpet.

“Womp” can be spoken out, used in messages and also online.


What's the origin of Womp?

The expression, and also the meme of “womp”, originates from the stock sound effect typically known as “sad trombone”.

The sound could be as old as vaudeville acts, which were a popular form of entertainment  from the mid-1890s until the early 1930s.

Nowadays, the “sad trombone” sound is primarily used in TV game shows , movies and songs to express defeat, misery and disappointment.

Spread & Usage

How did Womp spread?

“Womp” is popularly regarded as the adaptation of the “sad trombone” sound effect of old SNL sketches and game shows.

“Womp Womp” is also featured in the American comedy sitcom, Archer, wherein the characters use the phrase when they are upset.

It was also used on the children’s television program, Recess, as a phrase that the main protagonist often used to avoid swearing when anything unpleasant happened.

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