Pop Goes The Weasel


What does Pop Goes The Weasel mean?

Pop goes the weasel is the title of an English nursery rhyme, as well as an idiomatic term and catchphrase for financial loss.

Although this rhyme in the current times is most popular among children, the meaning of it is surrounded with confusion. Because the lyrics mention a tavern, it is believed that the rhyme has something to do with alcohol consumption, despite being a children’s song today.

You can also say pop goes the weasel when you get ripped off with high prices, make a bad deal or when you go bankrupt.


What's the origin of Pop Goes The Weasel?

The nursery rhyme pop goes the weasel was born during the 18th century, in the city of London. The rhyme includes a place called the Eagle Tavern on City Road, which went out of business in 1825 but eventually reopened in 1901.

In 1852, pop goes the weasel became the name of a popular type of dance within British Royal circles.

Spread & Usage

How did Pop Goes The Weasel spread?

There are numerous animated short clips on YouTube that feature the nursery rhyme for children’s entertainment. The most popular of these is a 2013 video on the channel HooplaKidz, which generated over 7 million views since its upload.

Pop goes the weasel is also featured on various memes on the internet.

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