Age Regression


What does Age Regression mean?

To my great surprise, age regression is not yet another weird sexual kink, related to roleplaying as a child, like the DDLG practice.

Instead age regression refers to the state of mind, in which a particular individual is acting like he or she is stuck in a certain age, they were supposed to grow out from.

The phenomenon occurs mostly as an outcome of various mental traumas or disorders, like PTSD, depression or anxiety.

Age regression may also be applied in therapy, to untangle the knots created in a past age.


What's the origin of Age Regression?

Age regression in therapy had been utilized since at least the beginning of the last century, when psychology, psychiatry and hypnosis were developing more and more rapidly, as sciences.

The practice is mostly held, when the subject is in a state of hypnosis and the attending physician is guiding the patient through the murky mud of memories.

Spread & Usage

How did Age Regression spread?

With the sciences, studying the psyche gaining more ground and relevance in our culture, the term “age regression” became more and more embedded in the spoken language, as plenty of people gained knowledge about the phenomenon.

There are lots of people experiencing various forms of age regression, as childhood trauma is almost synonymous with the human experience.

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