What does Aichmophobia mean?

Aichmophobia is a specific, morbid fear of sharp objects, like needles, pencils, nails or even a pointing finger.

Other names for the condition are belonephobia and enetophobia.

The disorder is rather common, appearing in a large amount of people to some extent.

A similar condition is the visual looming syndrome, in which the patient is not fearful of sharp objects in general, however if he or she is made to look at a sharp object very closely, might feel pain or discomfort.


What's the origin of Aichmophobia?

The condition was first identified and given the name “aichmophobia” in 1893.

The term is comprised of the Greek words aichme, meaning point, and –phobia, meaning fear.

Spread & Usage

How did Aichmophobia spread?

With the development of modern medicine and vaccinations, it became more and more obvious that many people suffer from this condition, especially triggered by injections and hypodermic needles.

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