What does Cynophobia mean?

Cynophobia is a psychological disorder in which the subject is experiencing an intense and irrational fear from dogs; so intense, that it may even interfere with the daily life of the patient.

It is a subtype of zoophobia, which is an irrational fear from animals.

“Cynophobia” is one of the most common phobias, affecting between 7 and 9% of the population.

A laboratory in Texas had determined that among the people who are seeking help from animal phobias, 36% are afraid of either dogs or cats, most likely due to childhood traumas.


What's the origin of Cynophobia?

The term “cynophobia” comes from the Greek words kyon, meaning dog and phobia, which means fear from something.

The first written record of the word dates back to 1830.

“Cynophobia” makes part of a much larger, general phobia from animals.

Spread & Usage

How did Cynophobia spread?

While many people are suffering from a certain fear of dogs, a “cynophobiac” is experiencing much more intense reactions from the presence or the sound of canines, and the encounter may result in anxiety or even panic attack.

Since dogs are one of the most common animal companions of humans, there is a large number of people, who are suffering from “cynophobia” and seeks help online, resulting in a wide palette of content scattered all around the web.

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