What does Dacryphilia mean?

Dacryphilia, also known as dacrylagnia, is when one is sexually aroused by seeing tears or hearing the sounds of crying or sobbing.

Some people that have this fetish or sexual kink are turned on by seeing someone else cry; others are turned on by their own crying and some are aroused by the emotional release that crying brings.

It is outside of the typical sexual behavior, which means that there isn’t enough research on the topic because many people don’t like to discuss and open up about their sexual behaviors that society doesn’t consider “normal”.

Also, this kink can also be sadistic or voyeuristic, because some people are turned on by controlling their partner during sex; they enjoy making their the other person cry, whether it’s through physical or emotional discomfort.

Meanwhile, the people who have voyeuristic “dacryphilia” are turned on by other people crying and being emotional. This can also be described as passive dacryphilia”.



What's the origin of Dacryphilia?

The term originates from the Greek language, where “dacry-” means tears and philia meaning “love”.

The data covering “dacryphilia” is exceptionally restricted, yet more examination is rising as specialists and sexual health workers are starting to comprehend these sexual orientations.

Spread & Usage

How did Dacryphilia spread?

There are just a couple resources where poeple can educate themselves about the topic. However, there are still some welcoming sites that help people out and inform them about “dacryphilia”.

It tends to be useful to begin with associations and forums like Crying Lovers, FetLife and CollarChat.

Also, there are many references on “dacryphilia”, including Ronald M. Holmes’s Sex Crimes: Patterns and Behavior book, and on the site Psychology Today a whole article was dedicated for the topic.

The article titled Can Crying Be Sexually Arousing? A brief look at dacryphilia was written by Mark D. Griffiths and was posted on 14th of January 2016.

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