What does Ergophobia mean?

Ergophobia is a persistent and unusual disorder, in which the patient is put into a state of fear by the idea of going to work or finding a job.

The condition is related to a couple of other social phobias and/or performance anxieties, which could be a result or source for “ergophobia”.

These usually include a fear of failing at one’s task, a fear of performing in front of coworkers or a fear of to socialize with them.

Apart from these anxieties, a subject of “ergophobia” may also be concerned about suffering mental, emotional or physical trauma at the workplace.


What's the origin of Ergophobia?

The condition was first defined by William Upson in 1905 as the “art of laziness”, though the term had been used in a New Jersey hospital during the 1860’s.

“Ergophobia” is comprised of the Greek words ergon, meaning work and –phobia, which means fear.

The condition is considered to be a burnout, a consequence of long persisting stress and pressure at a workplace.

Spread & Usage

How did Ergophobia spread?

“Ergophobia” is considered to be a similar syndrome to social and generalized anxiety disorders, sometimes anxiety about going to work or performing certain tasks is a symptom of these anxiety disorders.

The condition may also be a result or indicator to agoraphobia, a disorder in which the patient doesn’t want to leave the house.

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