What does Gamophobia mean?

Gamphobia is a specific social phobia, which is mildly pervasive among the population and causes the patient to suffer fear and anxiety from the thought of getting married or getting in a committed relationship.

Social phobias are causing people to feel distressed in various social situations, originating from social anxiety.

The very opposite of this condition is called anuptaphobia and it is the fear of being in a relationship.


What's the origin of Gamophobia?

The term was first documented around 1805 and consists of the Greek words gamos, meaning marriage and –phobia, meaning fear.

The condition can be caused by negative experiences, usually originating from one’s own family.

Various other attachment issues may also render a person fearful of commitment and marriage.

Spread & Usage

How did Gamophobia spread?

Specific social phobias are rather prevalent in society, though there are lots of forms they may come, from a fear of public speech to fear of intimacy.

“Gamophobia” and other social phobias are treated with cognitive behavior therapy, as well as medication by anti-anxiety and antidepressant drugs.

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