What does Genophobia mean?

Genophobia, otherwise known as coitophobia or erotophobia is a psychological condition in which the patient is subjected to intense feelings of fear and anxiety by sexual intercourse.

Triggers may range from an attempted sexual contact to just the thought of sex.

This may lead to troubles in relationships and even to the complete avoidance of romantic affairs.

Feelings of loneliness may present themselves in patients, as they feel embarrassed and ashamed of their fears and feelings.

Panic, as well as profuse sweating, shaking and shortness of breath may present themselves, when the patient is triggered.


What's the origin of Genophobia?

The term was first recorded in around 1935 and it is comprised of the Greek words genos, meaning race, kind or offspring and –phobia, meaning fear from something.

The condition is often caused by some sort of sexual trauma, like history of rape, sexual abuse, body shame as well as erectile dysfunction and vaginismus (muscle tension, at the attempt of penetration).

Spread & Usage

How did Genophobia spread?

Many people are affected by some level of “genophobia” and treatments to the condition are limited.

Therapy and talking about anxieties have proven to be helpful to some people, but medication is also available to those suffering in the condition.

The 2008 motion picture, Good Dick is centered around the theme of “genophobia” presenting how a woman deals with her insecurities and her relationships.

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