What does Klismaphilia mean?

Klismaphilia is a paraphilia, that renders its subject to be sexually aroused by receiving or thinking of enemas, or otherwise getting a large amount of water inside of their stomachs (mostly through drinking) and feeling internal pressure.

Men and women, homo- and heterosexual people may all be “klismaphiliacs”, though the phenomenon is slightly more pervasive among men.


What's the origin of Klismaphilia?

The word “klismaphilia” is constructed from the Latin word cataclysmos, which originates from the Greek word for flood, and –philia which is the Greek word for liking or love.

The term was coined by Dr. Joanne Denko in 1973, when she was investigating the habits and preferences of her patients in this subject.

Spread & Usage

How did Klismaphilia spread?

“Klismaphilia” is a phenomenon, that appears in a wide circle; both in men and women of all sexual preferences.

Some women were also documented to be performing enemas during or before masturbation.

Enemas are also a common occurrence in the sadomasochistic or BDSM communities, either for humiliation, physical discomfort or even for inflicting pain on the subject.

While the expression is relatively unknown, the paraphilia itself is rather widespread, incorporating people from various interests.

Urban Dictionary’s one and only definition on the subject was written and uploaded in 2003.

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