Love Hate Relationship


What does Love Hate Relationship mean?

The phrase love hate relationship refers to the ambivalent relationship between people, which involves feelings of deep love and scorching hatred in both members.

In a “love hate relationship” couples are constantly swinging between the two extremes of careless devotion and sightless loathing.


What's the origin of Love Hate Relationship?

The notion of “love hate relationship” first emerged in the early 1900’s, with advancements in psychology as scholars such as Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud managed to study the processes of the human psyche much more thoroughly than others before them.

“Love hate relationships” can be frequently observed in people who were exposed to emotional ambivalence during their childhood as well as those displaying narcissistic and borderline behaviors.

Spread & Usage

How did Love Hate Relationship spread?

The topic of “love hate relationship” has been thoroughly explored by romantic movies as well as romantic comedies, many of which revolve around a couple that is unable to put up with each other but also incapable of living without each other.

The first Urban Dictionary entry on the subject was uploaded in 2011.

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