What does Panophobia mean?

Panophobia, otherwise known as omniphobia, pantophobia or panphobia refers to a generalized, vague and persevering fear of everything or anything.

The condition is not listed as a concrete phobia, rather it is an occasionally occurring state in people, in which they are suffering from a general terror, projecting it onto things and people.


What's the origin of Panophobia?

The terminology of the word comes from the name of a Greek god, Pan.

The god is depicted as a half goat, half human and is often described to be the agent of panic and possession, who had driven the Persians from the Battle of Marathon, enabling Athenians to win.

Apart from the name of the Greek god, however, pan also means all or everything in the Hellenic tongue, while the other part of the word “panophobia” is –phobia, which means fear.

Spread & Usage

How did Panophobia spread?

 The term is not so widely used nowadays, as people prefer the word paranoid for others, that are living in a general fear of everything.

Though they differ only in little, the term pantophobia is usually preferred to “panophobia” as it is considered to be more adequately descriptive of the condition.

“Panophobia” is depicted in the 2011 British comedy A Fantastic Fear of Everything.

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