What does Sapiophile mean?

A person who is a Sapiophile is someone who is serious about beauty coming from within, as they are turned on by intellect in particular.

They could never be attracted to a person who is playing dumb, so get your +10 intelligence glasses ready for an additional dose of seduction.

“Sapiophiles” get interested in a person if they can have a long, meaningful conversation with them, if they have a good education, or if they find them reading a clever book.

Even showing clever, witty humour is more attractive to them than a pretty face, or something as simple as correct grammar.

Online, the phenomenon has been parodied in a wide array of memes and jokes.



What's the origin of Sapiophile?

“Sapiophile” was created with the combination of the words “sapio” and “phile”, the former coming from the Latin verb “sapere” – to know (also known from Homo Sapiens).

“Phile”, just as in “heterophile” and “homophile” comes from the Greek word “phile” meaning “lover of”, derived from “philos” – beloved.

The term roughly translates to “Lover of intelligence”.

Spread & Usage

How did Sapiophile spread?

The term is often used on dating sites or apps, and on social media, indicating what the person looks for in a partner.

Most “Sapiophiles” self-identify themselves as one, and they will normally be looking for a partner who is one as well.

Online, the terms “Sapiophile” and “Sapiosexual” are often used interchangibly, although the latter focuses more on sexual attraction, while the former is understood in a more romantic manner.

During the 2010’s, memes joking about “Sapiophiles” started emerging, often deeming common mental capabilities sexy and attractive.

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