What does Somnophilia mean?

Somnophilia, also known as “Sleeping Princess Syndrome” is a kind of sexual paraphilia, that invokes an arousal toward sleeping people.

It’s a paraphilia, that is of a predatory type and one that may eventually spiral down into necrophilia, or sexual attraction toward corpses.

Though the phenomenon may strike one as repulsive or endangering, it may be performed with consent, so that the “somnophile” may receive sexual satisfaction by fondling and touching his or her sleeping partner.

If a “somnophile” can’t handle their urges, though, they should most definitely seek help from medical professionals, as the condition may easily render someone as a rapist.


What's the origin of Somnophilia?

The term was first coined by John Money in 1986, as a kind of sexual fetishism, a syndrome of a predatory kind.

The word is made of the parts somnus meaning sleep in Latin and –philia meaning liking or love in Greek.

Despite this etymology, one is not considered a “somnophile” if they love to sleep.

Spread & Usage

How did Somnophilia spread?

“Somnophilia” had been portrayed in popular culture as well, for example in the French motion picture Who Killed Bambi?

An entry was uploaded to the well-known online lexicon Urban Dictionary in 2006.

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