What does Vore mean?

Vore is when a person feels sexual arousal from being eaten or watching something or someone, real or fictional, being eaten.

The term “vore” is a shortening for “vorarephilia”. The word consists of the Latin “vorare” meaning “to swallow, devour” and the Greek-based word “philia” which means “love for something abnormal”.

“Vore” is considered a paraphilia (the experience of a strong sexual arousal from atypical objects, situations or individuals.)

However, the fetish mostly remains a fantasy for enthusiasts due to the fact that many scenarios are physically impossible to achieve.

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What's the origin of Vore?

Even though cannibalism has been around for a long time and appears in ancient myths and is documented in human culture, “vore” as a fetish emerged around the 1990s in internet culture.

Vore is a theme which appears in art, literature, videos and other forms of entertainment. However, in some instances it can be brought to real life and used to describe real examples of “vorarephilia”, notably a case in Germany in the early 2000s.

Spread & Usage

How did Vore spread?

One prominent website for “vore” fetishists was Vor-Com and was created in 1997. In the following years, the “vore” community started to grow quickly online, becoming popular amongst fanfiction fandoms and art lovers.

For instance, Eka’s Portal has been a well-known “vore” site since 2005.

In the community there are two types of “vore” fantasies which are distinguished, riffing on soft-and hardcore adult entertainment.

Soft “vore” includes being eaten by whole but involves no harm, but on the other hand, hard “vore” usually comes with the consumed’s flesh being ripped, chewed resulting in terrible injuries and often death.

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