What does Quizzaciously mean?

Quizzaciously refers to an English word, that was marginalized and rarely used in the past, and that has gone viral when the YouTube channel Vsauce referenced it to be a hapax legomenon or a term that only appeared in a single body of text.

The word “Quizzaciously” is used to describe a person acting out in a mocking manner.


What's the origin of Quizzaciously?

The term “quizzaciously” was first brought to the attention of masses in the YouTube video of Vsauce, which was uploaded on September 15th, 2015, under the title The Zipf Mystery.

In the video, the host, Michael Stevens references the word as a notable example of a hapax legomenon, due to only appearing in a single Google search result.

Spread & Usage

How did Quizzaciously spread?

Shortly after the YouTube video of Vsauce, “Quizzaciously” was featured in the r/AskReddit subreddit, which doubled the Google search results, as highlighted by Michael’s Twitter account the same day.

That night, the subreddit r/quizzaciously was launched.

The next day, a Wikipedia article was also published, concerning the peculiar story of the word, spreading awareness about it.

Within the following period, various content emerged online, featuring the word “Quizzaciously” which ceased the hapax legomenon nature of the expression.

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