What does Ratioed mean?

Ratioed (or The Ratio) is part of Twitter’s unofficial terminology. The phrasal template states the site’s unwritten law, claiming that whichever tweet receives a higher amount of comments over likes & retweets can be considered as a bad/trashy post.

The term can be also used as a verb, ‘to ratio’ means the effort to try to create a retweet that achieves a better ‘comment-retweet-like’ ratio than the original post.


What's the origin of Ratioed?

The invention of the term is accredited to the Twitter user @85mf who posted a screenshot of a politician’s tweet that received 700 comments while only managing to gather around a hundred likes & retweets combined.

He captioned the picture with the following statement: “Nothing on this site makes me happier than reply-to-RT ratios like this.”

Spread & Usage

How did Ratioed spread?

The term was met with a rapid growth in popularity just a few weeks after the original tweet was posted on Twitter in March 2017.

In April, an article was issued by Luke O’Neil in the Esquire men’s magazine. The article discussed the law of the Ratio, which helped popularize the idea behind the term.

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