Resonates With Me


What does Resonates With Me mean?

Resonates with me is an idiomatic expression, meaning that you basically agree with a person, statement or a situation to a full extent.

It can also mean that you feel familiar with something that someone else experiences.

The phrase has a symbolic meaning, depicting a phenomenon in which you feel a physical vibration, based on the familiarity that you experience.


What's the origin of Resonates With Me?

The word resonance refers to “the reinforcement or prolongation of sound by reflection” as per the official definition in the Oxford English Dictionary.

It was popularized in the English Language by the famous author Chaucer.

The first use of “resonate” in literary works appears in the works of H.G Wells in 1903.

Spread & Usage

How did Resonates With Me spread?

Although the elements of the term have been around with us since the early 20th century, resonates with me only started to appear as its own term during the 1980s.

Ever since then, the phrase regularly appears in various works of literature.

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