Respect the Drip


What does Respect the Drip mean?

Respect the drip is a popular phrase, coming from TikTok.

It features a person, who has been preparing hard on his new style, but his stepmom, Karen won’t let him wear it.

His reaction to this is showing the elaborate outfit he created, accompanied with the phrase “Respect the drip, Karen!”

The phrase means that Karen should consider and respect the amount of time and effort, her stepson put into his new drapes, referred to as drip.

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What's the origin of Respect the Drip?

The first respect the drip TikTok was uploaded by @drewbreeeeze in on July 23rd, 2019.

The video gained a lot of attention and soon many other TikTok users adopted the style and turned it into a meme.

Spread & Usage

How did Respect the Drip spread?

In the following weeks respect the drip videos took over TikTok, with people eagerly showing off their most elaborate and ingenius clothes designs.

Urban Dictionary adopted the phrase into their stock of definitions on August 14th, 2019.

Since that time a plethora of respect the dripcontent had been uploaded to the web, in the form of TikTok compilations on YouTube and Instagram, as well as entries on various online dictionaries.

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