Rinse and Repeat


What does Rinse and Repeat mean?

Rinse and repeat is an expression, referring to the predictable, monotonous repetition of processes and actions, most commonly appearing in instructions.


What's the origin of Rinse and Repeat?

“Rinse and repeat” used to appear on the instructions of several shampoo brands, motivating people to stay stuck in a never ending loop of washing their hair, rinsing then repeating.

The phrase is also used sarcastically as a metaphor to refer to the brainless, slavish behavior, directions often expect from people.

Spread & Usage

How did Rinse and Repeat spread?

In computer science classes the expression is known as the shampoo algorithm and is used as an example for algorithms in the introduction of computer science classes.

The concept of “rinse and repeat” is explored in the 1992 novel of Benjamin Cheever, titled The Plagarist.

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