What does Rollies mean?

The term Rollie is short for a hand rolled cigarette.

It is used by people who prefer to roll their own cigarettes, either of financial reasons, as they are cheaper, or because they like rolling them manually.

Some even prefer the taste of Rollies, over the pre-rolled ones you normally buy in a pack.

It is made using loose tobacco, rolling paper and a filter or a self made roach (filter made out of paper).

A Rollie can sometimes contain other substances than tobacco, such as weed.

An alternative definition for Rollie is that it is short for Rolex, a prestige brand of watches. This term is often used by hip hop rappers.


What's the origin of Rollies?

Australians are known for shortening names, and creating nicknames for everything, such as “Aussie” (An Australian person), “brekkie” (breakfast) or “mozzie” (mosquito).

This same habit applies to manually rolled cigarettes – Rollies.

Spread & Usage

How did Rollies spread?

The term was coined in Australia but is frequently used in other English speaking countries, as it is a simpler term to use, compared to the alternative.

However, in Australia, “bogons”, the Aussie rednecks, are especially known for rolling their own cigarettes, and they will frequently use the term.

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