What does S-Cute mean?

S-Cute is a niche colloquialism, that refers to something or someone who is really cute, or “S(o) Cute”.

It may be utilized for an animal, a painting, or a girl.

In the case of Google, if you search for “S-Cute”, you’ll find a massive amount of Pron, featuring petite Asian girls.

S Cute


What's the origin of S-Cute?

The first Urban Dictionary entry on “S-Cute” was added in 2007, defining it as the combination of the words “sweet” and “cute”, resulting in the portmanteau; “Scute”.

It has had a limited use, both on- and offline, with only a few people using it to express their admiration of a cute thing or person.

Spread & Usage

How did S-Cute spread?

“S-Cute” is still not one of the most popular terms out there so detailed information about the spread is unavailable.

After its first entry in the Urban Dictionairy back in 2007 the term was vaguely used.

It gained a higher popularity with the recent rise of fame of Anime and Kawaii culture, leading to a more widespread use of the term, however, even with that, it is rarely encountered.

“S-Cute” is a popular adult entertainment category these days, adding further to the reach of the term, mostly being used to refer to cute Asian girls, both real life and Hentai versions.

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