What does Schneef mean?

Schneef is the Canadian slang word for any powdered substance, that you consume through snorting.

It is especially used to refer to cocaine and is most predominantly used in the rural areas of Canada, though it may also be applied for amphetamines or other powdered substances.


What's the origin of Schneef?

The phrase first appeared in the Letterkenny Problems webseries, created by Jared Keeso.

The series had been running on YouTube since 2013 and had amassed a massive fanbase since then.

In the series β€œschneef” is used to refer to cocaine or powdered caffeine.

The term can be pronounced in multiple ways; one with a long e as in three and one with a short e as in best.

Spread & Usage

How did Schneef spread?

The first Urban Dictionary entry on β€œschneef” comes from 2004, though here it is defined with a different meaning.

In 2005, however Urban Dictionary defined the term as snorting cocaine through one’s nose.

Despite this, the phrase only truly took off in the 2010’s, following the debut of the aforementioned webseries, that led to the adoption of these phrases by many across the globe.

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