What does Scouser mean?

Scouser is a term used to describe a native or an inhabitant of Liverpool, England. It’s derived from the word “Scouse” which originally referred to a type of soup and later was adopted as the name for the distinctive accent and slang used by Liverpool natives. The term has become widely associated with the people of Liverpool and is seen as a symbol of their identity.



What's the origin of Scouser?

The origin of the word “Scouser” can be traced back to the word “Scouse” the expression, referring to the distinct dialect and accent of Liverpool, characterized by the influences from Welsh and Irish immigrants, arriving in the 1800s.

Originally, “Scouse” comes from the name of a local soup, lobscouse, eaten by sailors and the lower classes, which included arriving Welshmen and Irishmen alike in the mid-19th century. This association led to the Liverpool accent being named “Scouse.”

By the 1950s, this slang expression was so prevalent in Britain “Scouse” was supplemented with a suffix, resulting in “Scouser” being used as a slang term for anyone from Liverpool, or its vicinity.

Spread & Usage

How did Scouser spread?

The second half of the 20th century led to the rapid spread of “Scouser” being used across the whole of England and eventually the entirety of Great Britain.

With the prevalence of cultural icons like Paul McCartney and John Lennon, Liverpool gained a larger presence in the UK, which also spread the slang term across the region.

Today, “Scouser” is even used as a slang term, measuring if someone is acting as an authentic Liverpudlian.

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