What does Scuffed mean?

If an object is “scuffed”, it is of bad quality, not working like it should, or not the real product (fake or off brand). Another word for a scuffed object is bootleg.

If a person is scuffed, he or she is acting stupid, doing something stupid or behaving weird.

A person can ask a “scuffed” question, which means they asked a stupid question.

The term can also be used about video games, if you downloaded it illegally or it is a shit game, it might have bugs and other issues, it is “scuffed”.

In summary: shit, stupid, bad, fake, not working properly. A negative word.


What's the origin of Scuffed?

The original meaning of the term is rubbing, scraping or hard use of an object, causing it to become damaged, worn, or maybe not working properly.

Hence, if a person does something stupid, you might say that they are “damaged”.

Similar can be said about a “scuffed” object. It is used wrong or damaged, and not working properly.

Spread & Usage

How did Scuffed spread?

Calling someone or something “scuffed” is a derogatory term aimed to end the previously done behaviour.

But “scuffed” can also be popular. YouTube is flowing with streams of scuffed video games, pointing out the faults and lacks in them.

Sometimes the games are purposely “scuffed”, just to work as entertainment and humorous content to its viewers.

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