What does Sergal mean?

Sergal’s are another species of furries.

Furries are drawn or animated humanoid animals, an art-form appreciated by the especially interested.

They are bipetal, have an extra pointy nose/mouth part compared to other furries, and slim ears pointing backwards.

The sergal’s design was originally inspired by fighter aircraft, and rabbits. The feet are similar to those of rabbits and kangaroos. They are primarily similar to mammals.

Along with very specific design requirements, their genitalia must also fulfill particular expectations. The female’s part is hidden under a tentacle-like hood, while the male’s part is somewhat similar to a human, but with quirks and edges, different for every individual.

Rinn the Sergal Fursuit


What's the origin of Sergal?

The first sergal’s was created by “Mick” in 2009.

Sergal’s design has changed significantly since their beginning, as the original design was very experimental, with feathers and large breast, and great variety in design depending of where the particular sergal came from.

Spread & Usage

How did Sergal spread?

The drawing and enjoyment of sergals – and furries in general – can be found all over the internet and also on paper, in the form of comics.

Furries are also celebrated in cosplay culture, by the especially interested.

As everything else, there is also a genre of adult entertainment dedicated to furries.

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