What does Shiela mean?

Shiela is the Australian term for every and any kind of female, no matter their origin, age or appearance.

It is the most politically correct way of addressing a woman, as it assumes nothing beside the sex of the person.

Despite its ideal nature, it is yet to spread into official use and is still mainly appearing in slang contexts, as well as the occasional Ozzy Man Reviews.


What's the origin of Shiela?

The term was born on the continent sized island, the wondrous but dangerous Australia.

The English were importing their finest criminals to the land since the late 18th century, and “shiela” was born not so long after, during the 19th century.

Spread & Usage

How did Shiela spread?

Australia is the prime example of what the British dialects of English are capable of in developing separately for two centuries, resulting in such peculiar but expressive words, like the one we are describing as of this moment.

Urban Dictionary’s first definition on the phrase was written in 2004 and a bunch of other attempts are also present on the site.

However, the biggest contribution to the spread of the term came from the opportunity of self-expression through the various means provided by social media.

Australian people are widely popular across the globe, possibly because their culture is like an excellent mix of Russian, American and British craziness.

This love for Aussies had led to many people learning and adopting their lingo, including “shiela.”

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