Side boob


What does Side boob mean?

Side boob refers to – who would have guessed – the side of a pair of glorious mammaries, exposed and constantly watching you, aching for a glance from your eyes.

It is a way of expressing your sexual Thot energies, without actually performing a case of public nudity.

Similar terms exist for the other parts of the human breasts being exposed when women feel extravagant.

These terms include inner boob as well as under boob.

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What's the origin of Side boob?

The first mention of the phrase occurred in 1997, on Usernet.

Five years on that, and the expression was included in a novel by Christina Bartolomeo, titled β€œThe Side of Angels”.

It became widespread by the middle of the decade, with the first entry on the term being added to Urban Dictionary in 2005.

Around this time, already, gossip magazines and sites have been using the phrase, quite often, even going as far as to dub Lindsay Lohan the queen of the side boob.

Spread & Usage

How did Side boob spread?

During the 2010’s, side boob became a cultural phenomenon, with the search interest peaking in 2017.

Until that date, the phenomenon appeared in fashion trends, as well as an episode of Family Guy.

Apart from the sexual load of the trend, people have been approaching it in a humorous way as well, by showing off the legendary male side boob.

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