What does Slaps mean?

Slaps is a slang expression to things (especially music) that is considered to be excellent. Something extraordinary, that makes you get up from your seat and start shaking your meaty vessel.

It is most often utilized as a verb in a sentence; Ie.: “This track slaps harder than Bud Spencer!”


What's the origin of Slaps?

The action “slapping” had been long associated with excellence and with good quality, the most plausible explanation being the relation between slapping and applauding; when you applaud something, you are slapping your hands against each other.

“Slapping” had been in use related to the appreciation of exquisite products and productions since the 18th century, through to the 20th.

The expression had grown closely related to music in the early 2000’s, most likely thanks to the influence of Bay Area hip hop.

Urban Dictionary users uploaded definitions on “slaps” since 2004:

Spread & Usage

How did Slaps spread?

In the later years of the 2000’s, as well as the 2010’s, hip hop artists, pop musicians and social media influencers all started using the expression to describe hit songs.

In 2015, the website concerned mainly with electronic music and news was launched under the name

By 2020, the term had infiltrated the mainstream and one may encounter it from their Facebook feed to the radio to a live conversation about the new bangers.

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